vendredi 11 novembre 2016

Painting and purpose.

It almost seems frivolous in the light of events this week to post this but this is what I do.

Something to ask of oneself: What purpose does my painting serve? Does the purpose change from minute to minute? Is there a long term goal? When I say that a painting has served its purpose,( and therefore, I don't need it anymore and can paint over it] what do I mean and does it necessarily mean that I have identified its purpose? From the point of view of this maker every painting is is some measure a failure. Its intent may not be clear; it may not match the intent; it may be poorly resolved; poorly constructed, over worked; sound but lacking the spark that leads to dialogue; there are numerous pitfalls but there is always a call to engage again, to try harder, to keep asking what and how.

I like to draw and to draw a lot and I would like to recommend the drawings of Stanley Lewis which I came across in reproduction recently.

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