mercredi 16 mars 2016

Towards another thought.

Plum. A present from my parents.

Small Spring bush 2 in progress.

drawing for small Spring bush.

When as often the painting stalls, it is the act of drawing that can resolve things. Looking at the subject can be confusing and I need to reconstruct what I see through drawing: the process being, looking; drawing; painting; looking, drawing. It is the drawing which enables me to do things that the painting needs but which I am too invested in or too cautious to implement even though I know that lost is lost and to move on can be a good thing.

By the way, Towards another picture is an anthology of artist's writings edited by Andrew Brighton and Lynda Morris. My old and tattered copy is published by Midland Group Nottingham. 24/32 Carlton Street, Nottingham. It is still available at

lundi 7 mars 2016

Towards another painting - part 2.

 These few photographs are in no particular order but my normally tidy workspace is getting congested and I'll need to sort it out soon.

and here are some of the drawings. 

Towards another painting.

small bush in early Spring.
oil on canvas, 100x80cm

There is a wealth of information outside of my workplace even though I deliberately keep the 
area of concentration small. Sometimes there seems to be too much and to counteract this I try to reconstruct the space through drawing. There are many drawings of this and the process sees them made before, at the same time as, and after painting. I have had to tell myself to work from the drawings
because of information overload.
         I didn't foresee this painting, I never do and that sense of having the image in my head does not hold true for me. In another post I will show some of the drawings and some views of the untidy space that my shed has become whilst this series is worked on.