jeudi 31 décembre 2009

Last painting of the year.

I've been working on this five by four foot painting for a while: the surface is very different to the previous work and again quite different to my current painting which is much thicker in material and texture. I have started to collage my black and white woodland photographs: it is these new photographs that have provided source material for this painting. I have a mental picture of this painting on the facing entrance wall to my new studio and should the building actually get done in the coming year I'll be very happy indeed.

mardi 22 décembre 2009

This one is for Ron.

I worked this some more , adding the grid and altering the bottom a bit but one has to stop somewhere and move on to something else which I'll show later. I still think that I am being too timid. And my favourite of the week is Carmen Herera, 94 years old and still painting:see the New York Times article.

mardi 8 décembre 2009

Salabert, morning,afternoon, John Stewart Collis.

Amongst the many books and periodicals in the small cellar in which I paint,I refound the Vision of Glory by JSC and began again to move back and forth among his ideas : part 111 is entitled The Revenges of Nature. He writes,There seems to be inherent wisdom in the workings of Nature. Man is a late arrival on the scene of natural operations. In this instance that wisdom is hard to discern. It is as if a bird had laid a bomb instead of an egg.

I can't tell if this painting is one or the other. I've posted it as it stands now and will let you know when it changes.