mardi 30 mars 2010

Four new paintings

The most recent of these has occupied me for what seems an age but is now in a place where I know that I am tinkering. There is in fact a lot of tinkering in the process interspersed with something more determined -I am reminded that Francis Bacon threw white paint onto a painting just to force it past an impasse- seems I do that a lot, recognising the stall and needing to do something about it. The other three paintings have been in progress for a while too, being revisited and nudged in another direction.

There are great sweeps of light and wind here at the moment but yesterday was calm and hot and the shadows are becoming bolder in the strengthening light. I am trying to pay attention to this or at least to be aware of the fact but working as I do in a confined space it is something that is outside of my room that I am trying to let inside my painting.

jeudi 11 mars 2010

Hill at Moa

From my window the cold of snow and minus temperatures connected me to the hill that circumscribes my view. I received new canvasses this week and have started a new painting that I am trying to let have its own direction. Each time I make a painting I try to let go of stuff that I know.