lundi 22 décembre 2014

Shock Therapy and the end of the year.

six studies for a garden .
winter painting.

 A London day trip and two exhibitions was in itself delightful but a massive shock in that I thought I
knew what to expect at the Constable (V&A) and I was very very wrong. The small works are delicate and breathe gently as he explores what might be possible and refers to earlier painters - it was a delight to see some Thomas Jones there as well - but the big paintings are a revelation. There was hardly anyone there when I went and the lighting did the work no favours: They needed to be seen in daylight.
At the National Gallery the Rembrandts were overwhelmed by tourists and the lighting was very poor indeed, theatrical I thought. I didn't bring back a catalogue for either because in the case of Rembrandt I am fortunate to have a large Skira publication, but the colour rendition in the Constable, Making of a master catalogue was awful. What a shame when it could have been done so well.
If anyone is intending to visit either of these exhibitions the Constable will close on the 11th January, the Rembrandt on the 18th.
As for what I have been doing: it has been mostly drawing with a bit of revision. I like to make changes to things when I have had time to think.

mercredi 10 décembre 2014

Happy Christmas.

To all of you who have spent time reading and looking throughout the year, a very Happy Christmas.

jeudi 4 décembre 2014

Room with a view.

Winter has arrived and I am hunkered down with my view. Three days have produced three pieces on paper and the sky is still grey. Stoves are lit, narcissi planted in the fields, painting is slow. I am going to concentrate on drawing for a while to see if that and looking out at the view will help. Next week I hope to visit the Rembrandt and the Constable in London. I want to see things that can't be seen in books. On my return it will be back to  my room with a view.