jeudi 6 octobre 2016

Small paintings to keep me going.

These small paintings are to warm me up for some larger pieces that I will make after my trip to Britain -provided that they let me in - and they are just exploring possibilities. Some of the patches of colour just wouldn't cut it on a larger scale but that will require more, or less gestural marks and areas of purposeful calm. I'll see how it goes.

2 commentaires:

  1. I would love to see what you do in those larger pictures apres your visit to Angleterre. You have so much material for some really grand work.
    These seem to be a new direction for you - in composition and color.
    Anyway as some nasty Americans tend to do, we are salivating over the shrinking pound and thinking as to what we can get on the cheap.
    Harding paints and fabulous Unison pastels.
    Good luck and I hope they let you out.
    As bad as it gets there, you don't have our election- the long nightmare that keeps on keeping on.