lundi 10 juin 2013

Drawing in progress.

I learnt a new word the other day courtesy of Ilaria del Turco: Selfie is the word. Apparently the OED is evaluating it but there is already debate out there as to why there is an explosion of photographs of the self on social media.

Anyway this is how I spend my days and those who have looked at my blog before will know that I am  pretty much obsessed with trying to get to grips with it.  So for those of you who were brought up on football results via the BBC if you don't want to know the score, look away now.

3 commentaires:

  1. Ian, fantastic drawing in an ambitious scale !
    It's quite preposterous that you should learn any English word from me, albeit a neologism !

  2. Warb, Great to see you still working, and in rather better surroundings than Madeley Court school art room, from what i read!

    Not sure you'll even still remember me but anyway...
    I'm living in New Zealand right now but heading back to the UK in 6 weeks or so. Would love to get in touch, perhaps you could send me some contact details through my facebook page,
    Yes, I know, it says sculptor, i use the term loosely as 'messer-about-with-stone-and-noisy-tools' doesn't roll off the tongue quite so easily. It's something I've been working on the last few years. It makes me smile to realise how often I think of all the things you valiantly tried to teach me!

    Hope to hear from you,
    All the best,

    Tim Royall (class of 1987)

  3. Tim, I tried the Face book page but couldn't connect. It is something I don't do but my son Max does. However, e-mail me at and I'll send you our address. I am really pleased to hear from you Tim.