vendredi 31 mai 2013

Everything changes, ideas, light, bodies, landscape.

weather. oil on canvas. 120x120cm.

oil on board. 30x30cm.

oil on board. 30x20cm.

charcoal and chalk on paper. 70x30cm.

Every time I go into work something has changed and during the time spent working something changes again. The moving target which is the thing addressed is like a chimera ( a chimera in my brain troubles me in my prayer. Donne) and getting hold of a sense of focus is really difficult. Whether it be the light, or the energy one has for the task, or the sense of slippage, the gap between the thought and the hand touching the surface is full of questions. I am talking to myself, remonstrating with myself, urging myself to do it over again. We all know this. 
The last two days have been spent drawing and making these two paintings: each drawing has been different, they are part of the  process as are the paintings, neither of which will survive long. It is still cold here and the stove needs fuel.

The landscape has been a long time in the making and it feels like the weather here which is a kind of progress. 

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