jeudi 20 juin 2013

It's all about freedom.

oil on canvas.60x46cm.

oil on wood panel.90x70cm.

charcoal on paper.80x60cm.

ink on paper. 80x60c.

ink on paper. 80x60cm.

ink on paper. 80x60cm.

When I was starting out someone told me my painting was the most honest he had seen and the worst. I have never forgotten and whenever I think I might be progressing I remember his name. 

Those of us who work away from the noise can pursue ideas and directions with only ourselves to question. I remember reading about some large paintings of skies, beautifully done said the reviewer, but not very worthwhile. Well, with my own show just over a month away I find myself wondering whether this also applies and my report card will be annotated, "could do better". I guess so. I have no one to blame but myself but I have the freedom to do as I please.

 So in these moments of doubt which we all share, I have turned again to observing the garden, listening to Keith Jarrett and just doing.

It is after all, about freedom.

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