jeudi 5 janvier 2017

Thinking out loud.

                                                   hedge in winter. oil on paper.78x50cm

winter garden January oil on paper 78x50cm


                                                      winter garden. oil on paper. 78x50cm

I think that it is important to communicate. I think it is vital to share stories. I think it is encouraging to know that we are not alone in whatever we do. There is a huge resource for us to tap into and I feel strongly that when a story is shared we gather a collegial sense from it and so there are artists that I look to for a sense of shared endeavor. One artist that I read has not written anything for a long time although their practice continues. This artist I know feels that it is presumptuous to  write about art but to stop doing so is to step back and so often I have read something written that has been important, something that I have not thought about, or something that has clarified my own muddled thinking. Sharing visual images is of immense importance too as we can read a journey in them and evaluate its relevance.
I sincerely hope that the encouragement that many people have gained from seeing what is being done and sharing in the thinking out loud will continue. We are a community and voices need to be heard.

1 commentaire:

  1. In the light of recent difficult events I find I question every aspect of my work. What in heaven's name to paint-and why.
    I think of Kathe Kollwitz' art that stands in rebuke to tyranny.
    My work can be silly- but why not?
    Can't we enjoy the giddier aspects of our nature?