lundi 29 juin 2015

Listen with Mother.

The painting of a landscape is a story and the telling of it is in the organisation of the spaces on the surface and the marks across that surface.

The European model seems to have been for the most part, that of an object, a kind of still life, save for those who thought of it as an emotion, a conveyance of mood. I can't tell how many painters have made the surface that they have observed become that which they have felt: that in the act of painting they have made a new thing, a new land that supports reflection, sets up a conversation and brings with it the excitement of glimpsed possibilities.

Long, long ago, the BBC aired a weekly radio programme  for young children called, Listen with Mother and in the introduction the narrator would always ask the listeners. "Are you sitting comfortably?" " Then I'll begin"

Toward the boundary. oil on canvas 160x120cms

garden. oil on canvas.160x120cms

garden. oil on canvas. 100x80cms

I received a very kind note today from California and as a result found two new sites of interest. TerrystJohn and Tom Maderos. The sort of painting that makes me exclaim OH YES!

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