dimanche 21 juin 2015

Following on and what painting might be used for.

Painting is personal: I can imagine life without it as a daily activity, either practising it or reflecting upon it but it is not something that I want to happen. I don't want to give up on it, not yet. It is the practice which motivates me ; which poses each day some new challenge; which moves to ask what and how. It   doesn't matter too much if it is something engaged with entirely in private and though it would be disingenuous to claim uninterest in other peoples interest, it is never the less a fact that for me it is a conversation with oneself and when that conversation becomes uncomfortable and a modicum of talent becomes almost unbearable, one can only try harder, because in the end that is all that can be done other than to stop, play chess or drink. I am not ready for that, not today, not yet.

 Because I see the paining as a place where my thinking is made visible, where also marks become emotive, where the passage of time and the course of debate are made  manifest and I like the accretion
 of marks made over time, bearing witness to my thinking about painting, which is why I often paint over a previous piece and use it to develop a new one. The surface builds and is cut back, is reworked and adjusted : the passages discarded are reflective of the ways I might have thought, positions taken but not held now. But the history is there and without that history I do not know who I might be.

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