vendredi 7 novembre 2014

This and that.

                                                         oil on paper 80x60cm.

This is the first of the bigger paintings (not so big) that I mentioned as occupying me. If earlier posts are referred to then it will be pretty clear how this came about. The common thread is how the eye presents things seen, the sharpness of a small part, the blurred periphery. The felt linear border between spaces fore and aft. Every time one looks at something there is an amazing wealth of information which needs editing or accounting for. Normally I build up a surface from this information which is not a retailing of what the eye sees but which uses the information for the purpose of making something other. I look at this thing and consider how it might be used to make that painting. It is in the end just a painting: what is interesting is how it becomes that and what it tells us about the process .

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