mardi 25 novembre 2014

Dear Diary, Not what I thought.

When I started to work the other day I found myself making these, which, was not what I thought would happen after mulling ideas about moving through the landscape. These have much more of a fixed view about them although whilst it is true that I was standing still, more or less, neither are fixed from a single point of view - a photograph taken from where I was standing would bear little resemblance to these views - and they are much closer to the fact of my eyes moving about from one place to another so, continuing to explore moving through, though from a different perspective. or a number of perspectives. Focus changes as the eyes range through a space and I do think about that but I 
don't know how to do it, reference it, on a flat, fixed surface and in this case the example of Cezanne is not what I am looking for and I am not looking to create a system for myself but I do want to convey what I think I am seeing as much as the way that I think I am seeing it.

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