jeudi 10 juillet 2014

Last of old England.

oil on canvas. 80x80cm

oil on board. 120x120cm

oil on paper 90x90cm.

In one of the few shows I have contributed to here someone commented that a painting was not at all like the Aveyron, too green, too English. Well they may want to think about that again after all the rain we have had because from an aeroplane the landscape looks very verdant. It got me thinking though: I have an old book on John Constable, published by Phaidon years ago and I have it open on my desk to look at. I cannot find fault with the colour reproduction because it is some time since I saw one one of his paintings face to face. It is the lovely handling of paint in the large preliminary paintings that jumps out at me. There is a little anecdote about him coming downstairs to work on one by candle light that conjures up an image.

Anyway we are now into July and I have these on the go:

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