mercredi 1 août 2012

Never satisfied.

And with good reason you might think.

 I have had to repaint areas of the summer storm  because it just was not working. This is driving me bonkers because it is a hard thing to walk the line between abstraction and figuration and to make a painting that speaks of the event over time, of an experience. Perhaps this is still too close to a landscape to work as a painting. I really do not know and will have to think about it some more.

In the meantime I have made another drawing and am painting, in conjunction with the drawings, a piece that tries again to be both descriptive (of the event) and abstracting it to be about the act of painting. I realise that say painting an apple can be both and indeed I have painted many an apple but attempting to paint the day, or the hour, after all that has been done in the past seems impossible. And yet one keeps trying.

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