jeudi 21 avril 2011

A word from Ruskin.

Shower.(Passover). 120x120cm. oil on canvas.

"While form is absolute....colour is wholly relative. Every hue throughout your work is altered by every touch that you add in other places.... In all the best arrangements of colour, the delight occasioned by their mode of succession is entirely inexplicable. Nor can it be reasoned about. We like it, just as we like an air in music, but cannot reason any refractory person into liking it if they do not. And yet there is distinctly a right and a wrong in it, and a good taste and a bad taste respecting it, as also in music."

At this time of year there is a vividness and sharpness to colour here: the air is very clear. It reminds me of Spring days in England when the smell of rain is in the air - though the light is softer there I think. The above painting was made on the floor and only moved to the vertical at what seemed the last minute and like most of my painting , may well change yet before I show it in an upcoming exhibition: whether it lasts the year will depend on how much I need the canvas.

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