jeudi 7 avril 2011

Painting from Nature.

John Constable. Dedham Lock,1820-25 oil on canvas on wood. 16.5x24.5cm

David Blackburn. Leaf Coast.1999. pastel on paper. 50x38cm.

Thomas Jones.Buildings in Naples. 1782.oil on paper.

Rain clears from the west. oil on wood panel. 120x120cm.

From an article by Merlin James:

What does it mean to give an accurate, Matter-OF-FACT description of the world or part of the world or something in the world? When I try to describe objectively what I perceive in front of me, or around me, how far in fact am I giving an account of myself, of my own impressions? How do I set limits on what I choose to describe? How do I decide what is the focus of my attention and what is incidental or "background". How much has to be asked - or left unquestioned- about the language I use in order for my description to be comprehensible, believable?.....and why make a copy of appearances at all if not in the anticipation of the absence of the "original"

I was in London recently and among the many images that I have carried with me since is a painting by Thomas Jones, made in 1782, in Naples. It was small and perfect and I would love to have it: but more, I would have loved to have made it.

I show another of his here, together with two pieces which have also had a similar impact, and a new one of my own.

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