mercredi 31 octobre 2018

work in progress

ink, oil and emulsion on paper 180x120cm

oil on canvas. 100x80cm

oil on canvas. 100x80cm

In the making of a painting which refers to landscape, it is the marks and the overlaying of them and of colour which builds another landscape, that of the painting itself. For me this is the goal: a surface which can be read for its own sake but can be a surface/space which reads also as a collection of experiences translated into paint or drawing, both of which are cyphers to be interpreted as clues to a shared imaginative response to thinking about and experiencing surroundings.
There are many underlying layers and the final surface is the result of a journey which might continue after the painting is physically halted. by the observer interacting with it and being prompted to renew their relation to the visual and mental world.

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