mercredi 12 juillet 2017

Five pieces of garden.

oil on board. 114x40cm

oil on paper 110x40cm

oil on paper 68x55cm

ink, oil, emulsion on paper 65x50cm

ink,oil,emulsion on paper 65x50cm

One never really knows when something from the past will catch up. Some time ago I made some small paintings which I thought might lead on to something but it didn't seem to be the case. Over the last few weeks those ideas may have caught me up as have drawings that I made some thirty years ago. Not the same drawings but the same sense of drawing. This is part of the richness of making things. One moves forward one hopes but at the same time carry dormant ideas into the light of the present.

3 commentaires:

  1. I see Macron has received has received our toddler of a president with pomp and circumstance, he could have done us a good turn and tossed him off the Eiffel Tower after feeding him. Let's where am I. my latest painting is silly even though I planned a grand oeuvre. I am depressed over the planet :
    so I thought I would come over to look at your paintings and cheer my self up.

  2. Sharon you are as welcome here as ever- on the web in the home.
    The circus that is the W.H. is as frightening as ever.

  3. I am following an artist I like in Venezuela. They are literally starving there, as well as dying. He has to stop work- he cannot even get pencils which is what he specializes in. Hard time getting anything. He has a young boy. Thanks! Ian! Working out my trivial, it seems painting problem. Though I think sometimes art is totally useless it is one of the few barricades against the advancing Huns and an avenue of joy and hope.