mardi 23 août 2016

New Paintings for an exhibition.

Ash in the morning. 68x48cm

Ash, afternoon. 68x43cm

                                                                Ash tree. midday.

I have a share, perhaps four paintings, in a small local exhibition: La Tour, Montsales. I have anticipated it for a year now and in that time the Ash tree and the small bush have occupied me totally. I could probably fill the space available with the drawings and paintings that I have made just about these two things but a choice has to be made and maybe a short introduction to the process, I could do with understanding how things develop myself.
The bush is small but I have tried to give it status. The red ash towers above me now and makes its own. The paintings are moderate but I already sense that during winter, on much larger canvas, I will work to intensify the colour and the quality of the paint.

1 commentaire:

  1. Ash in the morning- lovely!
    Good luck in the show.
    They may be modest- but the impact is far greater!