lundi 30 mai 2016

Three studies for another conversation.

In painting the space outside my window, a space which shifts backwards and forwards as my perspective changes, I am aware of how limited my focus can be. We think of the grand sweep, the eyes scanning the view left and right, up and down, backwards and forwards but my view is often limited to that moment before the sweep and before my brain brings all that a-priori knowledge into play. I have commented before upon how flat (like stage flats) the view can seem and it is especially so at this time of year with such bright light on the land.

Liberals Are Killing Art
How the Left became obsessed with ideology over beauty. 

I must thank my friend Sharon Knettle for pointing me to this article in The New Republic by Jed Pearl. it was an interesting adjunct to Seeing Through Berger by the late Peter Fuller which I read following on from reading a lot of Berger myself over the years. Peter Fuller edited Modern Painters which was eagerly awaited in our household once upon a time.

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