vendredi 1 avril 2016

Small bush painting revisited.

Painting should be difficult - where is the fun in it being easy?  Those endless moments where one knows one should do something, make a move, lose what one has, make anew but can't get out of the chair, or walk around looking at images, putting on music, mowing the grass, anything but do what must be done. One has to love the madness of it and the pull that painting exerts : that voice urging re-engagement. "go on, get in there. Stop prevaricating. It doesn't matter if it falls short, it's your failure, sort it"
It's a grey day but.........

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  1. That is exactly one of my problems- I thought it should flow from my brush like beer from a stein in a gasthaus!

    I have been wondering all thses years what it would be like to paint like myself!

    Reading Berger's "Portraits", Hate it love it and can't make heads or tails of some of the later artists he talks about especially Cristophe Hansli's "Mortadella". Some of these artists are unknown to me (and Americans in toto) and he just has these tiny black and white prints in the book. He said he did not want to make it a coffee table book- but cripes, it is a total pain to look these up on an Iphone ( in bed) and figure out what the hell they are about. Sometimes Berger must rather enjoy the bafflement dodos like me have when they first encounter them.

    From Trumpistan!

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  3. Bernard Jacobson told me that one should aim to make one's own world: paint like oneself. he also said that if he had the money he would put it all on Cezanne. Trumpistan? Big sigh.