lundi 2 mars 2015

Narrow path.


Foil. oil on paper. 43x11cm.

In praise of walking Thomas Clark writes that, Always, everywhere, people have walked, veining the earth with paths visible and invisible, symmetrical or meandering. We humans are animals leaving traces of our passage: the hunting term is foil. In Thomas Hardy's novels a stretch of path carries memories of a person, of their passage if we could but divine it. 

This is a narrow path to take, narrow in format and subject, dogged and without doubt, full of possibilities. 



6 commentaires:

  1. Long time no visit Ian, but what a pleasant surprise to see such beautiful new works !

  2. It is always good to hear from you Ilaria. Thanks for your appreciation, I wasn't sure that this was just a cul de sac.

  3. Foil is the name hunters give to a track that an animal leaves. Snow gone yet?

    1. YES! Was going to send you pics- but my computer was eating my pics. Put in a Adobe Elements- learning to use my new digital camera- talk about a brain drain.

      Anyway your spring pictures are an inspiration!

      I am going to get to France one of these days. My husband keeps threatening to send me- but flying these days- quel drag!