mardi 27 janvier 2015

New drawings from the edge of woods.

ink on paper. 60x40cm

ink on paper. 60x40cm

ink and emulsion on paper. 23x23 cm

ink, emulsion on paper.23x23cm

ink, emulsion on paper 18x12cm

Path. ink on paper.60x40cm

Woods edge, ink on paper.60x40cm

They say that a week is a long time in politics and the same can be said of drawing, plus, it makes my arms ache. These drawings develop a life of their own as I make them and they appear to me as more than the place that they come from: they are a sense of the place in as much as the activity of drawing creates marks independent of the site. In fact the site becomes the drawing for me and the drawing becomes the site. I used  pieces of hardwood of different lengths, printing ink, emulsion, palette knife, plasterer's tool and a wire brush for these because I thought that if I relied on charcoal or pencil some thing predictable would occur but actually the often random, accidental marks that these other implements make serves just as well.

2 commentaires:

  1. These have a softness, slighly out of focus,misty quality.
    By the way the portrait done ten years later has a more gentle quality, a happier one.

    Did you know that new studies on aging are finding that, au contraire to popular wisdom, that the 7th decade of life for many can be the happiest.
    I was astounded to find that out because I was surprised that instead of getting more miserable I was indeed getting jollier.
    The worst part is morning depression- but once the tea is on- all bets are off and I have another go.

  2. Oh that's me sorted then. There was a time when it was the law that the day HAD to commence with tea and a chocolate biscuit before going to work. Now it's wake, get up, get coffee, and then let's see.