mardi 7 octobre 2014

Evening walks.

Light in the evening and the way space appears compressed is something that I have been thinking about. Stage sets come to mind as does the space in quatrocento painting where the observer has to negotiate his or her position in front of something that alludes to space but which is, in itself flat : the light on a sloping field that I see often makes fun of my a priori knowledge by tilting the space towards me. Anyway this will give me something to think about in the next few paintings which have begun already like this........
Anyone who has read Martin Buber's I and Thou will see the other as an opportunity for conversation no less in pictures than in spoken language -Another out there to address - and so today I am thinking about a field which I have not seen for a few days. It is there in my memory and imagination and I'm extrapolating from it as I make these paintings.

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