jeudi 7 novembre 2013

Parochial ambitions.

I have a narrow outlook: the space I look at is bounded by a limited opening. I think that I read widely, politics, history, art and literary criticism : I love a good read and often do that when in my shed for the purpose of painting. I like diverse views. My painting though is narrowing its focus. That can be a good thing and it is why I like to draw and paint  my head and my garden. Zadie Smith said that she thought writing wasn't about being experimental but rather about finding something true and I think that that can be applied equally to painting.

I have made one large painting over the last months and several small ones. In between times I try to work on my head but the image that I carry within it keeps shifting. In no particular order then are some of the garden paintings.


                                     160 x 120cm


1 commentaire:

  1. number 2, beautiful.
    Lovely sensuous color in all of them.
    I wish people could understand that color like yours is very, very hard to accomplish.