jeudi 28 février 2013


Surface. oil on canvas. 60x46cm.

Merging. oil on canvas. 66x55cm.

Traces. oil on canvas. 160x120cm.

I have an exhibition approaching: the catalogue is being prepared. At some point someone will ask me to explain and I will want to say,want to excuse myself, to say that I am no good at talking about it. The work is what it is and there is no hidden meaning to be hinted at or discovered.

The French will say that one is inspired by: they know what they mean but I am not inspired, not moved to paint by something. What I do is what anyone might do. I paint. I might, in another life, plough.

Oh there is no doubt in my mind that this might be insufficient. That were I to embrace some doctrine, some ism, I might be assured of my direction and be able to promulgate my ideas but this would make for a safe passage and a certainty that would sit ill with me. So, I paint what I am and the paintings are what they are.

I follow my plough.

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