dimanche 7 octobre 2012

The Flounder and the garden.





  Can one trust ones teacher?  The garden surrounds my workplace and invades my thinking to the extent that I must address it and make use of it.  In this case I decided to look at a part of the garden and think of what I could learn from it - what it might teach me- and move me forward. I have a history of painting and like all history it is subject to review and re-writing. For me this means repainting. I ask myself if this means I have learnt something along the way. In a painting show my work was once described as being about lives lived, about caring very much for lives lived: but it wasn't my life that was being lived. So I am returning to the garden where I do live and trying to be receptive to what I think I see there. It is not going to change the world but it might change me.                                                                

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