lundi 9 juillet 2012

Thing one and... apologies to Dr. Seuss.

winter. oil on canvas. 120x120cms.

While battling daily with Summer Storm which just will not do as it's told, I have worked on another which seemed more acquiescent- eventually- or at least worked with me a bit. I used a number of collages as an aid but let the painting be the place where the combination of looking and experimenting took place. I don't draw for the painting although I have made a lot of drawings which have their own short shelf life. The torn photographs give me marks that I don't think I would have thought of.

Thing two.

Usually first thing I have a go at my head, whichever one is first to hand. Here I do draw a lot and revisit the drawings, altering them, tearing them up and reworking them and sometimes just looking at them. There has been a recent discussion about painting from photographs. Okay, I get that but it isn't for me and I'm too bloody minded to give up on what happens when you look in the mirror. I'll probably never make a decent self portrait but trying is all I've got.

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