jeudi 26 avril 2012

Time passing / passing time.

The days here are very grey, unusually so at the moment. Because I need the light to be able to work more on a painting, I have turned once more to trying to teach myself about painting a head, and mine is readily available. It is not portraiture -I don't know how to do that- but for me it is about seeing what paint will do and how over time one tries different approaches and learns something. There is a painting that I have been revisiting for over twenty years and I must have made the initial drawings at least twenty five years ago. In the process much has happened and I have got older but the title that has been in my head has always been, Am I becoming my father? Anyway, these two are in progress and may well be for some time yet, this is just where I am now.

am I becoming my  father?
oil on wood panel 120x120cms .in progress.

oil on wood panel.40x20cms. in progress.

By the bye, there are two interesting blogs that I have come across recently: Making a mark, by Katherine Tyrrell ( and Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco , see particularly her Wrapped series.

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