mardi 24 novembre 2009

Sciatica rules

During the sciatica episode I had moments when I could stand or crouch for a few moments and managed to make these three over the nine or so weeks. The big one here has taken ages and a lot of humming to myself. I read Sara Maitlands Book of Silence and she talks about that state wherein a kind of lethargy can hold sway, e.g one knows that one should make a move but can't bring oneself to. There was a lot of that in the making of this - there was a lot of not being able to move as well- but now that it is on the mend I can try to deal with the mental inertia. By the way all our stored e-mail addresses died with the old computer so if anyone out there is wondering why you have not heard from us now you know and the value of writing addresses down: bring back the Filofax I say.

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